I can´t open Control Tower and other resources

Hola buenas tardes, me podrían ayudar con este problema. No puedo abrir control tower y demas servicios de Workfusion, adjunto imágenes para que vean la diferencia entre lo que me informa la guía[Control tower diferencia entre la guia de work y el programa y lo que me muestra a mi el programa.
Control tower diferencia entre la guia de work y el programa.docx (190.3 KB)

Hi @marcosmarfeo, sorry I don’t speak spanish:)
As I see your Control Tower is still loading. So just wait for like 5-10 minutes for it to load.

Thanks, for your answer, but i have waited for more than 15 minutes but nothing happened, the control tower . Maybe, the installation was not good enough. Could you recommend me what to do?

Could you share log files from the folder %INSTALL_DIR% \Agent\Logs\ (By default: C:\RPAExpress\Agent\Logs)
And also clarify what version of Intelligent Automation Cloud do you have?

Ok, i attached photos where youn can see the WF versio (2.1) and the files what i have in Logs folder.
Thanks for your help.

Can you please share these files here. You can zip them and attach as an archive.
Also, in order to check the version go to Control Panel - Programs - Programs and Features and find Intelligent Automation Cloud. Let me know the version:)