I do not want to close opened windows after playing recording

Hi All,
after playing recording from Recorder all opened by Recorder windows was closed.
I try to set as active or no active parameter “Close windows after script completion” in “Playback settings”, still the same.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance,
Tomasz Gliwka

Hi Tomasz,
It was specifically designed to close applications after execution.
You can leave them open if you use Win+R to open the application and in some cases - Launch Application, for example.
Why do you need to leave them open?

I also have the same doubt, what happens is that if you enter your email for example and you want to do several things, then when it closes automatically, to reopen it takes more time since you have to enter username and password again , then if it stays open I would only perform a validation if it is open that I made the steps, and if not, enter username and password. Now if you open it with the action launch application, the web element of the mouse click action can not be selected, to enter the xPath because it only works with the open website action. or is there some way?

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THX for the solution :slight_smile:
I had “Launch application” before, but when I use Win+R - it works.
Recorder leave opened application.
Thank you!

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Great, glad it helped :+1: