I exported the script and can't open the recorder action display again

Hi – thanks in ahead for the help!,

I exported the RPA actions to a “Bot”? script. I recognized the actions that I originally entered in the display dashboard – but I have no idea what the syntax is. None the less I’m hoping there’s some way to reimport the script back into the user friendly GUI.



You have exported the recording to a bot task, but the original file is still there.

You can switch to the previous tab or open the *.rpae file in the Media Files panel.

Hi Azinchuk,

There are no .rpae files shown within my media files folder. All that is shown are the text editor files – this occurs also when I create new recordings. Essentially I’m at a point where when I create a new recording I can access the .rpae files – but at any point I close that I can not reaccess it. Thanks in ahead for your help.


I am too facing this same problem … I am playing with RPA express and built a recording then I exported the RPA actions to a “Bot” script and now the recording steps are no where available.

is there a way to get it back? I checked all .rape files and tried opening all of them but not found anything/

I think there is some UI issue
When you start new recording a box comes up for name. if you change the name but forgot to add raep extension then the file created is xml type and although you can record the steps the visible steps file ( .raep) does not get created at all.
So once you close it you sort of lose it. this is what happened in previous posted issue. I created recording without extension and so .raep was never created. after conversion I thought lost if but that was not reason I guess.

@sanjeev_sapre, @dylevine

Just right-click this file and choose the Rename option.

Then rename your recording to “trial.rpae”

thanks that works. but our business folks may not be that techie :slight_smile: