I want to output an Enter at the end of the log file


I would like to add the enter to the log file by referring to the following.
It can not be realized well.
Can you tell me in detail?


Hi @sis try this solution by @alexander.haiduk85

It will create a variable with a new line character, and you can use this variable in the Write to file action

Hi, ashapkina

Thank you for reply.

I would like to turn the for statement by list and output the log, but the result will be as follows.



You need to create a variable ${br} and join strings as shown above.

Hi, ashapkina

Thank you for reply.

Logging output of for statement with append causes extra line feed.
How can we delete a line break?

It is a sample source.

Output-log.zip (1.3 KB)


Do you mean you don’t need the bot to add a line break at the end of the very last value it writes in the file?


Thank you for reply.

I would like to put a line feed for each line.
However, with the current method, line breaks will be entered in strange places.




I think it is because you have the Join Strings action inside the Loop, so in each loop it joins the strings again.

You need to move this action outside the loop.

Hi Alesia, @ashapkina

Could you please help me in providing the .rpae file for this example,