IAC Express Installation

How do I install IAC Express I don’t see the link on https://www.workfusion.com/intelligent-automation-cloud/ anymore .

Hi @feldma2
We have decided to sunset Intelligent Automation Cloud Express.

@ashapkina what happens to the existing customers who are already using the express edition? Can they still continue using it?

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Mr. Alex Lyashok, CEO & President

WorkFusion Corp.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Lyashok.

My name is Hideki Matsubara, CEO, EasterDigital Corp. in japan.

We are strongly promoting the spread of IAC Express, now.

This is because it is essential to increase the market share of RPA quickly in order to promote IAC Business and others.

In that sense, the free version of IAC Express is a very effective marketing tool for the later WorkFusion Company in Japan.

I am surprised and confusion by the announcement that WorkFusion will withdraw IAC Express all of a sudden.

There is no doubt that doing so would seriously damage and degrade your trust not only in Japan but also in the world.

As soon as possible, we should revive the free offer of IAC Express.

Please do wisely.

Best regards,

Hideki Matsubara

@feldma2 yes, of course, you can continue using the version of the Express Edition that you are already using.

@ashapkina can you please share the download link for the latest version for express 2.4.2 so that I can upgrade to the latest version.

Hi @feldma2, @toriitsuka
The downloadable link is not available anymore, unfortunately.

I am having trouble downloading Intelligent Automation Express 2.4.2.
The executable file downloaded previously remains on the PC.
It is FreeIntelligentAutomationCloudInstaller.exe.
Can I use it to install and use it on other PCs?
Is it okay to use it?
Please tell me.

I also have the same question. Is it okay to use it?

@annguyen @toriitsuka yes, you can

Thank you for your information.