IE & Chromium do not work



I am using Open Website to open browser on version 1.1.2-beta.

For IE, I am getting this error-


hi @sampad_das_PwC2,

Can you please also share the error you are getting for Chromium?
Does Firefox work for you?


I guess this was because I had not installed the previous version.I have now installed the new version but I am not able to start the “BOT Manager” . I have done everything that has been mentioned in the different post but still not able to make it work.



It should not be the case. Can you please get the logs as described at and attach them here?


Already sent the logs today morning !


After removing 1.1.1 and installing 1.1.2, I am getting the error message as “Unable to connect to bot”. I have already done all the steps (starting it) as mentioned in a different post for the topic.



Do IE and Chromium work now?


NO…I could not start the bot manager


For IE problem:
Go to install_DIR\RPA\registry
and run settings-ie.reg
That should solve the problem