If comparison fails

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I’ve got a curious issue with RPA Express. I am reading in numerical data from an Excel file and store it in a list (which RPA Express automatically interprets as a string). Then I compare the numbers with a fixed number (500 in my case) and set a new value for a certain variable, depending on whether or not the number o the list is larger or smaller than 500.

Now the curious outcome: while I can see that the sequence reads through the different numbers (I wrote them into a notepad file to check), the comparison always returns that the number is greater than 500.

I suspect that this is related to RPA Express internally converting a string into a number, or similar. However, how can I force it to interpret variables the way I want to? When specifying a list, there seems to be no option to distinguish a list of strings from a list of, e.g., numbers.

Somebody got an idea?!?

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Alex, try converting the value to the number format before comparing.

Great, it was precisely that conversion I did not realise had to be done as an extra item. Thanks a lot!!

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Glad it helped!