If-Else Condition Failure



Hi all,

I’m attempting to get my program to update the sources of links in an Excel workbook. When you go to the ‘Edit Links’ button in Excel you get a list of links the workbook has so my algorithm works like so:

  1. Store the links you wish to update in a list variable. Record the position of each link to update in the list of links mentioned above (by number)
  2. Then, when the time comes, ‘for each item’ in the links to update list, ‘if’ said ‘item’ contains a certain substring of the link I want to update, go to that position and change the source

The issue I get is that this works for the first item but then doesn’t work for the other item. It does the first item in the list then just tries to do it again and again. Any advice? Feels like the If-Else condition just doesn’t work at all.

I seemed to get issues with the If-Else conditions in other contexts too.



Hi what version of RPA Express do you have?

This was an issue in 1.1.5 but is now fixed on 1.1.6



please post your zipped recording folder and the excel file here.

You can create a sample recording and excel file with fake data to reproduce your issue.


Hey there, try this! It’s not the same as the one above. I can also add that soon.

Hope this helps.


Book1.xlsx (8.3 KB)
IfTest.zip (1.2 KB)



I’m using RPAx 1.1.6 at the moment



the 1.1.7 is the latest one



There are 2 issues in your sample recording:

  • you use a redundant Set Active Cell action - you can just use the Get Cell Value (cell below) in a loop because now this action makes the target cell active.

  • when you get a cell value it is converted to a decimal value - “1.0” or “0.0” in your case. So you should check that
    ${current} not contains 0.0

IfTest.zip (2.0 KB)