If-Else startup failed error



while working with if else condition its throwing startup failed error .


Could you post the screenshot of the If-Else action?


@ashapkina mettodaydate coping from macro and pasting to that variable but while checking its showing startup error.


Check what value is saved in met_todaydate in the execution-result.log.csv.


@ashapkina proposal_met_todaydate -->STRING–> "TRUE


Please share your recording with a sample macro file - we’ll try to reproduce this issues from our side.


comparingdate (2).zip (2.1 KB)

@ashapkina in sample recording is working fine but in main code is throwing this kind of error .


@lakshmipriya_a there is no sample data file in the archive so I cannot test it.
Try saving the value to a Boolean variable instead of a String and condition to equals. If it does work please share a file from which you copy the data - perhaps some characters are copied that the bot cannot process.


@lakshmipriya_a it is also possible that there is a bug in the action on our side.
If you don’t want to share a file with data on the forum, please send it in a direct message, and we will test it.

Thank you.


@ashapkina for Boolean variable its throwing an error when its coping from clipboard comparingdate.zip (1.9 KB)


@lakshmipriya_a the issue can be caused by some characters in the string, it is not clear yet. Please share a sample data file on which we’ll be able to reproduce and solve the issue.


@lakshmipriya_a weirdly, it works correctly from my side. Perhaps, we can find more information in the log. Could you play the recording again to get this error and then send us log rpa-node0-2018-12-06 from this folder: C:\RPAExpress\RPA\logs ?
Thank you.


@ashapkina Now its going inside if condition ,after that am giving mouse click by text action of element .But element shows 2 results i.e I am taking element value from from Ids table . In this scenario I cant take xpath also because I am doing filtering of ids before selecting id from “I column” in excel so xpath solution wont work. Kindly give me solution for this


What do you mean by “element shows 2 results”? What is the value of the element variable at this point?
Please also share the code of the element on the web page on which you need to click.


element is “ID : 12345687” it will be in string type ,so I am giving mouse click by text “ID : 12345687” ,In my working page its showing error because we have 2 results