If the error execute part of the error handling is not executing

Hello all,
I developing a script on mozilla firefox. Sometimes when the browser opens it wants the credentials to proceed further but sometime it doesn’t. So I am using error handling if the credentials pop-up doesn’t appear go with try to execute and if the credentials pop up occurs execute the “if the error occurs part” but after the pop up comes only the few steps of if the error occured part executes that is only upto giving the credentials that is it executes only from 43 to 47 and after that it stops.
Can anyone please help me in this case.

Hi Karan, please send the error log.

rpa-playback.log (1.6 MB)

Please have a look at this solve this issue

Thank you, we will investigate this issue.

Hi @karan_aroraOSQ this issue was fixed in RPA Express 2.1.0.