IfElseAction.ftl fails in Control Tower

I am having issue with following line in status of BP Run:

RoboticsFlowPlugin executePlugin exception: Unable to process template with name: IfElseAction.ftl

Cannot ind suitable solution, all ifelse actions seems to work perfectly in RPA Express, but not in controll tower.
Thank you in advance.

Hi Maciej,

Do you use the variable “item” in the if-else action?
If you do, the error is caused by a bug in the latest version 1.2.0 related to processing the item variable in Control Tower. We will fix it for the next release.

Yes, But we do it through clipboard and copy to new variable.
We use Workfusion 1.1.4


Ok, if you use 1.1.4, then the reason must be different.
Could you please export the BP’s event log to excel and post here.
It would also be great if you could send your recording so we could try and reproduce the error.

events_2018-02-14 10_33_28.xlsx (10.1 KB)
Excel file attached. I will check if I can send the recording s as it involves some sensitive inormation.

In this case you can send it though a private message on the forum rather than posting here in the thread.

I forgot to mention that this BP alone works fine in the controll tower. This issue appears when we connect it after another BP in workflow.
I will send the part of this code in private massage in some time.
thank you