Image comparison in RPA Express

Is is possible to compare images in workfusion?
I am doing some operations which takes data from a digital image and stores into a variable, but before this action i want to compare it with an image and if its a match (about 60% + accuracy will do just fine) then move on to ocr action.
Is it possible to achieve this?

For a clear image,
I have two type of invoices in a folder one is mobile bill and other is a dongle (product) bill.
So before extracting data from any respective bill using ocr I will compare the image with a sample bill that i have and if its a match to mobile bill than some operations will be done or else same for a dongle bill.

Hi @karan_dave there is no explicit image comparison feature, but I think you can do it using Wait for image action:

  • use Wait for image action and use a part of a mobile bill (that is going to present on each mobile bill), for example, as the image in the action. Put the result in a boolean variable, let’s say “bill”.
  • then use an If-else condition: if “bill” equals true - perform ocr for mobile bill, if “bill” equals “false” - perform ocr for product bill.