Image detection using "Wait for Image"



I’m using v1.1.4, and something seems to have changed with image detection. I’m trying to detect an “X” in a checkbox in a PDF. The “X” can be in either the “To” or “From” checkboxes, and I need to take different action based on where the “X” resides.

Using the OOB image detection “matching threshold”, the bot cannot detect the difference in the image (e.g., when it sees “To” and “From” with both checkboxes, it thinks it’s seen the image it’s looking for, and it sets the boolean variable to “True” even though the image it’s looking for has the “X” in the “To” checkbox (I only want the “true” result to return if the “X” is in the “To” checkbox).

If I increase the matching threshold 2 clicks, it correctly distinguishes between the “X” being in the “To” and “From” checkboxes. The problem with that, however, is that the threshold is set GLOBALLY, and other image detection I need to do requires a lower threshold. So, I’m unable to successfully run my script.

Is there a way to set the image threshold for an individual “wait for image” call? I’ve tried using the bot to change RPAx’s threshold during script execution, but it takes WAY too much time, and it doesn’t work consistently.



Thanks for a detailed description and your feature request!

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