"Image not found : ......-anchor-......apng" but anchor region and position are set correctly

Try to click on google search field using Firefox (Mouse-Image actions) but every-time get “Image not found : 00000…-anchor-00000…apng”. Anchor region and position are set correctly. Delays and pollings dont help me.

rpa-node0-2019-08-12.0.log (462.8 KB)

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Hi @pharkavyi

Try to change anchor region a little. Maybe make it larger.

Also, I recommend to use mouse clicks by Xpath. You can find how to use Xpathes in RPA Express in our Knowledge Base - https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/XPath+Guide

Hi @pharkavyi also make sure that the browser looks the same when you capture the image and when the bot runs (it is maximized in both cases, etc). If the resolution is different, the bot might not find the image.

Thank you!

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