Image not found but it exists

Sometimes we have an error that image was not found, in mouse click, but the image exists. The strangest thing is that inside a loop it works normal 3 times and in the fourth time gives error for example, if I rerun it works normal sometimes, others do not, it is unpredictable when and where the problem will occur.

Some advice to avoid this problem? Because the biggest problem is that the process may not become reliable.

Thank you.

Hi Daniel,

could you send your recording to have a look?
Or, if there is some sensitive data, please send the screenshot of the action to see what the image looks like.

Follow a printscreen of an example.


Are you sure the image is visible on the screen and looks the same every time the bot tries to click it?

If you need to select the A1 cell in an Excel sheet and cannot use the Excel action I would recommend using keystrokes ctrl-home in this action instead of mouse click.


@ashapkina, yes, I’m sure, sometimes work well and sometimes not, because of this I said it’s strange. :smile:
@timriewe, thank you for your sugestion, but this action is when I will select a range to advanced filter and is not allowed shortcuts (sad).

And this is one case, is unpredictable where the problem will occur, sometimes is when I need to change the sheet (sometimes he simply don’t click, another give an error), another time is when the mouse need to select a range and select the wrong cell, its really strange.

But thank you for sugestions, I will try to make some verifications with “wait for images” or something like that.

Maybe that helps you for selecting the range using keystrokes.
The advanced filter I believe is ALT-A-Q


@timriewe, thank you very much, another one to the list :smile: CTRL+SHIFT+8 is the trick to make a selection without mouse click inside a popup like advance filter, I had already changed the most of mouse actions to keystrokes, its more reliable than mouse actions.


To who want to know, follow some of then:
go to: ctrl+g or F5
select a range (work inside a popup as advanced filter): CTRL + SHIFT + 8
advanced filter (change in versions): Alt s a
clear filters (change in versions): Alt s c
Delete sheet (change in versions): Alt c k e
Rename Sheet (change in versions): Alt c o r

Thank you all for the help!


@ashapkina Alesia, how about including these shortcuts to the Tips and Tricks Excel shortkeys? They are really useful!

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Good suggestion, Tim :+1: Will definitely do

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I added the shortcuts that work in all versions. Skipped the ones that are specific for one version as they will not work for all.