Image Recognition Anchor Area Issue




after upgrading to RPA Express 1.1.2, I’ve been facing issues changing the spinner values and anchor size.

The first image here, it is capture when I used recording. However, I don’t want the anchor areas to go over the title of the excel file.

When i change the value by 1 point, the anchor area will always jump to a corner and shrink in size. At first, it just looks like a problem with the numbering.

However, when i max out all values, as shown here, what happens instead is that the anchor area seemed to be a copied part of the recorded image and I am not sure what is happening.

Right now, what i’ve been doing to mitigate this problem is to recapture manually using a small area EG just capturing the ‘Developers’ tab only.

Any ways to resolve this issue or something that I had missed out in settings?



Thanks for reporting this. It is a known issue that will be fixed in the next release.