Image recognition errors: EXAMPLES needed


Even though image is present on the screen , bot fails to click on confirm order button. I have observed that images with lighter background are more stable than darker background images.

for ex.


@nsemwal - Thanks a lot!

Please provide both the target image (used in the mouse click action) and your current screen (where bot needs to find it). And also please tell us the Image detection matching threshold (Preferences > WorkFusion Studio > RPA Recorder)

Can’t find image even with max matching threshold.


Thanks! Which app or website are you using? Seems that icons have low quality (edges of a circle)

It’s an internal web app.

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I faced the issue of reading text from image in OCR activity…but unfortunately it failed again and again and clients has ended the contract with very bad feedback and also moved to uipath OCR .
So if there will be any improvement in such cases will be most appreciated

@nutan_kadam are you referring to this issue? OCR not running issue
Then it is not related to image recognition. The OCR license has expired and you needed to update to a newer version of RPA Express to be able to use free OCR.

Hi WF,

Please take issue notified in below post as well.


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Hi Asha,

“Waiting for image” is not working only for this bellow image in RPA Express Recorder.


Suresh can you provide more details about this issue:

  • the screenshot of the action and target image
  • the screenshot of the screen on which the bot has to find the image


Hey guys,

We’re using an external application that can only be accessed through an RDP session (so we highly rely on image recognition to do our tasks).
local resolution: 1284 x 800
remote desktop: 1920 x 1080

Target Image to Click:

Note this is only one example out of many – I need to select the Print button and it is captured like this on Workfusion Studio:
(I’ve also tried using static achor images next to the print button to no success.)

Partial Screenshot of the Original Screen:

Image Recognition Threshold (or matching threshold, in my case)


Hope this info helps.

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Thank you @martina_r


Currently it can see the images properly but sometimes it click on the F.O. Admin instead of B.O Admin and this happens regularly every time I am running my recorder script
This is a Java Swing Application.

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Thank you for the example @bafana_mathenj

I just wanted to add an observation I noticed with this issue because I am having trouble getting it to recognize text in Excel (clicking on these check boxes as window elements are failing in this instance).

Each time I try to capture the image it ends up a tad bit blurry or just slightly unfocused.

1544463821721 versus image

When I open up these images using the default Windows 10 photo app or or via WF studio mouse position window it turns out a bit blurry, but precise when viewing the image anywhere else.

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Thank you for letting us know @martina_r