Image Threshold at Action Level

Hello Team,

I know there is an option to change the image threshold at the RPA Express Application level by going into preferences. However there are cases when for some image we want an exact match and for some even a 30-40 % match is only possible. If we set the threshold to a higher level Bot fails at one place and if we set it to a lower level then it fails at a different place.

Is it possible to have this feature at the particular action level to set the required threshold for the particular image?


Hi @vaibhav_a1YTwn
no, you cannot use different thresholds in the same recording.
Why do you need to use such low threshold, does the image look a bit different every time the bot runs?

We are trying to automate a process which is a combination of local machine and a VM, based on connection stability and VM performance the quality of image changes every time on VM.

But if no option is there then we will have to look for some different ways to achieve the functionality.

Maybe, you can use several nested exception handling actions, and use different images of different quality in them to provide for several variants.