Import process to WF Studio

How can I import downloaded project from Control Tower into my WF Studio?

@adzhunev you can import bot tasks from Control Tower to WorkFusion Studio using this guide

Thanks! But can a package be imported in WorkFusion Studio?

When the robotics automation is tested and appears to run smoothly, you can publish it to Control Tower.

Click the Publish to Control Tower button.
Enter Business Process Step Name.
Click the Finish button.

The exported recording is automatically packed into a bot step of a business process and is opened in Control Tower.

Afterwards, you can run this process and watch its execution on your local machine.
Step 5. Import from Control Tower
Intelligent Automation Cloud Business enables you to import both bot tasks and recorder scripts from Control Tower.

Import Bot Task
Right-click an appropriate bot step and select Edit in WF Studio.

A prompt window with the URL for import opens. Click Copy to clipboard.

Launch WorkFusion Studio, right-click the project folder on the Media Files tab, and select Import.
In the Import dialog, select WorkFusion > Bot Task and click Next.
Paste the link you copied earlier into the Bot Task link field and click Next.
Enter your credentials and click Finish.
Finally, the bot task is shown with Actions Flow opened.

Hello @adzhunev,

If you mean that all your bots in business process can be imported like as in one project automatically, so unfortunately it is impossible to do from Control Tower to WorkFusion Studio. The only you can do is to import each bot separately to Studio.

Yes, that was my question. Thank you!

Thanks. But I think, you can organize your imported files in some project folder manualy, if you need. Just moving files between folders.