Import Recorder Script


I am trying to import a recorder script from the AP business process. I copy the link and paste it in the import recorder popup. However, I am getting a error

Anyway to fix this?



What is “AP business process”?

Does your Control Tower work?


The demo Accounts Payable Business Process. Yes my control tower is running.


The bot tasks from the Accounts Payable Business Process were not created using RPA Recorder - they contain Groovy code so they are not supposed to be imported into RPA Recorder.


Hi azinchuk

I checked in RPA Express Recoder script.

We have following files:

All images related to that script.

So the Accounts Payable Business Process script contains groovy code as well as RPA Express Recorder script.

Now it creates same problem as “Unable to load recorder script from WF Instance”



Hi azinchuk

One more question, i build a script in RPA Express Recorder and publish to Control tower but it is not working properly.

It shows 100% progress and everything looks good. But script is not working as in RPA Express Recorder.

Please suggest.



this question is not related to this topic. Please create a new topic and add description, your recording as a zipped folder and error logs


Sure, will create soon.


But please suggest in this post, this is related to current topic.


As I’ve already mentioned, Bot tasks from the sample business processes (Accounts Payable and others) will not be imported in RPA Recorder.

They can be imported to the WF Studio which is a part of the WorkFusion SPA product.

To get more information about SPA contact our representatives at


Ok, thanks for the reply.