Importing a class to use in RPA Custom Action Script



I’ve been trying to import a class to use in a custom action but cant get the import to work i keep getting
“Script2.groovy: 6: unable to resolve class” error


Hi Juan, can you post your script here?


Hi Alesia!
I don’t think that would help, because i’m surely missing some key concept here. i’m kinda new to java and groovy. Basically i have a java-sdk library provided by a API provider i’d like to use in a custom action script so that the process can post some data in that service. I have two major doubts:
1- Where should i put the sdk’s .jar files to have RPA load them.
2- How do i invoke the library from the script so i can use that library’s classes.

PS: Thanks for your time and kindness.


Unfortunately, you will not be able to use an sdk library in custom script, it only supports standard java and groovy libraries.


Well that explains it. thanks anyway.