Importing Object models in Custom Actions Script

Hey there!
We have a task to read data from .XLSX Excel book from a named range, not by specified cell or cell range coordinates. To achieve that we created a script with APACHE POI and tested its performance as a Bot Task in Code perspective mode (the working script is attached in file “the codes” hereby).
The problem :

We want to transfer the script from Code perspective to Custom Actions Script in order in preserve the ability of convenient modification, if needed for example, by adding Mouse actions. However, when we tried to execute the script as a Custom Action, the program failed with an “Unable to Resolve class XSSFWorkbook” error. We believe that this error results from poor importing of the object model elements. An example of a script, launched as a Custom Actions Script, along with the error text, are shown in the screenshots and duplicated in the “Codes” file:

the codes.docx (21.5 KB)

Questions :
1 Is it possible to read data from named ranged of Excel workbooks in any other way within the features of WorkFusion software?
2 Is it possible to transfer the script from a Bot task to a Custom Action in RPA Recording? If yes, then how it should be done exactly?

Thanks in advance!