Imprecise image recognition?


I have a problem. I find the image recognition function quite imprecise, and RPA Express can not recognise by text og xpath instead atm.

My example: If i am not mistaken, the image recognition is unable to see the difference between these two images:

Move mouse to image, should only reacht on the first mentioned, but is reacting on both.The matching treshold can not be set any higher. :frowning:

The problem could be that there is a lot of white on both images. Any suggestions for a solution?

Best regards :slight_smile:

I assume that there is no solution atm. :frowning:


  1. The images should contain less background and be as small as possible
  2. The current image similarity mechanism has some issues which will be fixed in the 1.1.4 release (End of July)

Thanks for your info and screenshots!

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Thanks for your answere. I have solved some of my recognition problems by using click by xpath, but is still eager to see the improvement in 1.1.4 - the function really have som issues ath., you are absolutely right about that :slight_smile:

Testing with 1.1.4 has been no succes so far - for example, i can’t make it hit the “New Topic” button on: etc.

Click by XPATH is absolutely a big help - but not in all situations though :slightly_smiling_face:

please share your zipped recording folder here, thanks

The problem has dissapered (strange). The image recon. function now functions as expected - it is even able to distinguish checked chekedbokses form unchecked - which I mostly need the function for atm. Thank you!

in 1.1.4 there was a fix to the image similarity module.