In Manual Task, Trying to Load DropDown from Datastore but DS is not getting populated while providing Answer Type



Hi Team,
I am trying to create simple Manual task where there is one List which will hold all the product Id from my datastore (As I need to use this further to populate my actual product).

I have created datastore(DS) called ds_getproductid (screenshot1). In Design tab of manual task I have taken dropdown list of answer type called ‘select one’ and trying to provide input from DS. But DS is not visible there while some other DS are available but mine one is not getting shown there.

Please let me know what stuff I am missing while doing it.

Vijaykumar shelake


Hi Vijaykumar,

Check the headings of the columns in the .csv file. There should be 2 columns:

  • id
  • name

Name is the value that will be visible in the datastore.
Here is a sample .csv file System Currency.csv (5.3 KB)

If you create a datastore with such headings, it should be able to use it in a manual task.


Thanks a lot. That’s Amazing, It works, I am able to populate values in drop down. Now I want to populate another drop down by taking id from current drop down. Here I want to use Allowed DS mechanism and CSS related stuff. I am not exactly aware how to do it as I am new to WF and KB have limited information about the same.

Can you please share any sample human bot which implementing the same.

Vijaykumar Shelake