<include-config> with Robotics Plugin


I have written a reusable class and included that in my bot xml using plugin. Now I want to use this class on the RPA node so I created a script within and called it using executeGroovyScript. However, the script gives error that the class is not found. The class can be called properly in the main script class.

Is there anyway to make the class available to executeGroovyScript so that I can run it on RPA node?

Below is the sample code:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <config xmlns="http://web-harvest.sourceforge.net/schema/1.0/config"
    	<include-config code="MyHandler"/>
    	<var-def name="testScript">
    				import MyHandler; //This gives error
    	<robotics-flow >
    		<robot driver="desktop" name="dDriver" close-on-completion="true">
    				import MyHandler; This works fine
        <export include-original-data="true">

Thanks in advance,