Incomplete table in excel with empty cells


Is it possible to overcome the issues with blank cells? I made a process which works fine assuming that no blank cells exist. Need to form a table that will include all cells, whether there are some empty or not.
This is how spreadsheet looks like.

This is the process that I made and it is very similar to the Assignment 7.


While loop won’t help in this particular case or maybe it will by using exception handling but I tried that without success. Maybe it can be solved using Repeat/Retry loop? Because those rows in the spreadsheet will have limited number. And number of columns as well.

Hi Branko, do you need to copy the whole table from Excel to a table variable?

The first column (A) is irrelevant in terms that won’t be needed to copy that values. But is important that using values from the second column (B), which won’t contain blank cells, search for some web page and to fill those date fields. Fields on that web page have the possibility to be saved even though is empty value, so that won’t be a problem.

F.e.: For each row, using Supplier Reference Number, find some record, and that record will contain some required date fields, which are needed to be populated. So, repeat that process, in this case, 6 times.
If it is populated with the blank value (such as the first value in (DAD) column, that is completely fine. But the problem is how to catch those blank values alongside every other non-blank values in excel, using Loops action.

Why don’t you use Get range action - it will copy all cells to a table variable, including the empty ones. Or you can use Get column and copy each column to a list variable.

Thank you Alesia, I used Get column for each relevant and used the expression put each list into a table and append as a row so it worked fine!

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Glad it helped :grinning:

But I think Get range should work in your case, too - and it will only be one action.