Increase or decrease indent

Is there a way to increase or decrease the indent of an action in the actions flow? I’m having a tough time getting the actions in the correct place after a Loop action.

You cannot change the indent, it is defined automatically depending on where in the actions flow the action is placed.

Could you provide more details or a screenshot of where you have trouble dragging the actions in the correct place?

Thank you.

For example, in the below if I wanted to add the Keystrokes Action to the AFTER the For Each Element, but still inside the While Action.
I only just figured out if you drop on the left it goes to the outside-most action. Otherwise it will add it to the bottom loop. But there’s not a way that I have been able to find to put it between indents without putting it above the loop you want it outside of, and the moving the loop above it. Which seems like a terrible practice.

@FunkyBunhcesOfOats if you want to add it in the While loop after the For Each loop, you should drag it on top of the While loop action in the action flow - it will be added at the end of the nested group of actions, after all actions in the For Each loop.