Initial digits of a number skipped by bot

I am working on tally with RPA express. The issue is that when a number is to be read from excel and to be written (keystroke) in one of the fields [ price rate of products] in Tally, the bot writes the number read, wrong in the field. Strangely, it writes it accurately for the first field [ price rate of first product] and writes it wrong for the rest of the other fields. Eg say P1 has rate 1,73,280; P2 has rate 560; P3 has rate 73,500, so the bot writes the first rate as 1,73,280 and for P2 and P3 and so on, it writes 60, 3500, …

The issue doesn’t lie with Tally as I have manually tried entering values and it takes the input properly. But the catch is also that, RPA express does read the values correctly (I tried writing the values to notepad and it was accurate)
Second thing, typed text keystroke doesn’t work either.

It needed delay, issue is solved. Thank you.

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