Initializing a table or list variable


Is there any way to initialize a list or table variable within the Recorder and NOT from an excel file?



sure, you can set a table right in the Recorder Variables panel -

or read it from a text/csv file to a list -

or read it from a web page using an XPath -


So I can’t actually set the variable within my script by using the Variable actions?


you can -


Hi @azinchuk,

I try to initialize a list using the ‘Constant Value’ action, as described in the document.
Unfortunately, I cannot type into the Value attribute, I can only click on ‘Enter List’.
I want this list to be empty at this point of the execution, but when I use this action with no values defined, the list still keeps the old values.

The same applies to a table variable. I am not allowed to type into the Value attribute.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,


Just found a workaround.

Press 'Enter List’
Add a dummy value
Close the values window
Press 'Enter List’
Delete the dummy value
Close the values window