Initializing a table or list variable

Is there any way to initialize a list or table variable within the Recorder and NOT from an excel file?


sure, you can set a table right in the Recorder Variables panel -

or read it from a text/csv file to a list -

or read it from a web page using an XPath -

So I can’t actually set the variable within my script by using the Variable actions?

you can -

Hi @azinchuk,

I try to initialize a list using the ‘Constant Value’ action, as described in the document.
Unfortunately, I cannot type into the Value attribute, I can only click on ‘Enter List’.
I want this list to be empty at this point of the execution, but when I use this action with no values defined, the list still keeps the old values.

The same applies to a table variable. I am not allowed to type into the Value attribute.

Any ideas?

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Just found a workaround.

Press 'Enter List’
Add a dummy value
Close the values window
Press 'Enter List’
Delete the dummy value
Close the values window



Hi Azinchuk

In the current version you can append values to a predefined list, which is perfect. Is there a limit on the list size or tables size that I should know about?

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Michael Callisen

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@mc1 - thanks for an interesting question!

The List variable can have up to 2,147,483,647 elements
The Table variable can potentially have any number of elements, but is restricted memory that you allocate to Studio.