Input and output dialog box

In automation anywhere, there is a dialog box for user input and output. Does RPA Express having this feature as well?

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Hi @Zayn there is currently no such feature. But if you need to check values in variables at a certain point during script execution, you can log them in a text file using Write to file action.
The functionality of human data input is implemented through Manual Tasks in Control Tower.

I hope it helps! :grinning: Feel free to ask me if you have more questions.


HI @ashapkina
Is there any other way to input login credentials manually while execute script .

I have tried to exceute java script or java swing which is work to input data. please try the link below

Hi @PeterLin.
I am try this but it not showing the dialog box ,its show the error .
Actually I want to enter the password dynamically every time , that password stored in a specific variable and use this variable for login . So how i do that.

I just show your a example video , please see the video below

And I share my recording file in java script and java swing way. (3.1 KB)


I download your recording file and try to run it in my system but its showing the following error

can you please check it, Thank you…

I guess that you didn’t input data in the step 1. So you got the null pointer exception.

Ya you are right ,because the input dialog not wait for input the data, it’s immediately redirect to the workfusion studio and showing the error…