Input data index against one column and use values from a different column?

I have one BP that is searching through QuickBooks Online and pulling reports based on list of clients. Once this is finished I have another BP that is to hyperlink the info that was retrieved using the client list from the last BP and then use the email address for each client that is tied to the client list.

I thought I could use the client list and have that in column A and then have the email address in column B that is used in the BP for sending the linked reports.

Is this possible?


It is possible just put the list of clients and email address and even the retrieved information which is hyperlinked into hashmap and add into arraylist.

Then use Export to Multi-column options to export the data to CSV file and send the linked reports.:slight_smile:

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@todd yes, you can have several columns in the data input file like in this sample file

sample_input_data.csv (164 Bytes)

For client1 , the email will be sent to, for client2 - to, etc.

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@ashapkina and @aravindhan_mr - I am in the middle of building out the BP right now and am stuck with creating a LOOP. Basically, I have a list of clients in one column and then a corresponding email address in the next column.

How in the script to I call up this .csv file in a loop?

Hi Todd,

If you use input data in Control Tower, you don’t need loops in the script.
You need to build the script as if it is for 1 customer and 1 email only (customer and email should be in string variables), publish to Control Tower, upload input data with 2 columns (customer and email), and the business process will be executed for each record in the input data.

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Okay, thank you!

In order to test this then is only to be done in the CT area with the input data—correct?

You can test it in the Studio by filling in some test data in these string variables.