Inserting data into Excel

When I try to add data to the excel file using RPA Express it gives the output multiple times as in the images below.


Hi @rahul, please post your recording and a sample excel file you use in it here.

Hi @rahul, did you manage to solve this issue? If not, please share your recording with a sample data file.

school.xls (62 KB)

i need to create an excel file like the above one using the details from the following web page

It looks like it is plausible. Try doing this:
As I understand, there will be max 25 records on the page, so you try doing this:

  • create a Counter variable (of number type, default value 1) to iterate through the page
  • use a While loop (counter <=25) to perform all the actions below
  • read the name of the school to a string variable using xpath (//*[@id=“site-canvas”]/div[6]/div[3]/div[1]/div[${counter}]/div[1]/div/a/h2)
  • read the information about the school from the table cell using xpath (//*[@id=‘site-canvas’]/div[6]/div[3]/div[1]/div[${counter}]/div[1]/div/table/tbody/tr/td[1) and save it to a string
  • split string using Linux / MacOS line break (LF) and save to a list variable, thus each line will be saved separately
  • use Text actions to parse the text in the elements of the List variable and save the results to other String variables using Constant value
  • that insert the info from all required string variables to Excel using Excel actions
  • increment the counter variable by 1

Hope this helps.


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Really thank you for your support . I will follow the instructions and let you know the result.

Thank you