Inspector showing incorrect selection of ListItem in a ListBox

Inspector is showing the Selected ListItem of a ListBox as false. It should be true if it is selected otherwise false. Attached is the screenshot. Please do the needful. Let me know if other information is needed.

RPA Express 2.2.
Target application: Desktop application

Hello @bhanubachu.

Could you please advise what’s the application that inspector captured? Is this some custom application or it can be installed freely?
Does this issue with ListItem affect your script? Do you check selected it or not in your script?

Thank you in advance.

Its a desktop application. I believe this is developed in VB. This application is available outside that machine/domain.
My requirement is this… I need to uncheck the ListItem if it is checked and viceversa. I tried isSelected() which is always returning false. tried other methods like checked(), isChecked(), Selected() etc but all off them gives error that there is no such property.

Thank you. Could you please advise application name? Also we need some additional information from you.
Please open this application, go to the necessary element in it. Then please open Inspector, “Show UI Components” and after opening export all elements into XML file. You need to press button in Inspector.

Please see my example with Snipping Tool how to export UI elements into XML file:

After that this file will open in your Studio Editor. Please save it somewhere and send to us.

This information will help us to investigate your issue and define whether this is bug or not.

Thank you in advance!

window-[12847958]-8570651940594396840.xml (125.1 KB)

Attached the UI components xml file.

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Thanks. And how is your application named?

Thank you for the XML. We investigated from our side and I have a suggestion that can help you.
Please try to refresh Inspector after any changes in your ListItem. After that please check whether property “Selected” is shown correctly, for example, true for checked item.

Application name is CASA Tracker

I did a refresh when there is a change in the ListItem selection. Also tried another case of launching the Object Inspector where I’ve few ListItems checked and few are not. In both the cases Object Inspector showing the Selected attribute as “false”

Thank you for all your information. Currently Inspector doesn’t work properly with these elements. Our development team will improve Inspector, but there is no ETA. You can write the request to the Forum Feature Request category to make other people vote for your suggestion.
As a workaround, I can only suggest to use images to check whether specific checkbox is checked or not.

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Is it saving a check box image and comparing that to the one in the listbox?
What is the best way to use images for the checkboxes?

If you need to check some specific checkbox, you can use action “Wait for Image”. It returns boolean value and you can check it in “If-Else” condition further in your script.
Please also see our guide:

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@Lera, thanks for information. I will try it.

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I tried and it is working. there are lot of such checkboxes (around 40). Looks like I need to capture individual images of all those checkboxes for individual “wait for image” action. Attached is one of the ListBox with the ListItems contains checkboxes.

Kindly let me know if there is any better way of doing this.Fluency_screenshot

The suggested logic to use waitforImage fails sometimes. It is failing intermittently. May I know any other alternate way to handle this?