Installation from media

Hi Alesia

I have a customer with critical data who has a policy that no installation can be from the internet. Is there an exception that lets me install from a USB key as it was in the 1.x product series?

Hi Owen,

On the download page, we have two mirror links - one for Dropbox, another one for S3. You can download the installation archive from these links like you downloaded it for 1.0. Your client’s IT teams can study the archives if required, and then install.

Will this work?


I will check this out tomorrow and see what’s there.

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Hi Owen, did this solution work for your customer?

Hi Alesia, They are on holiday until next week so I haven’t even looked at it yet!

There’s always the last minute :roll_eyes:

Hi Alesia,
Happy to say that I finally got access to the client site yesterday and was able to use the links etc to successfully install. Thanks for your help with this - hopefully a new success story on the way shortly!

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Hi Owen,

Great! Thanks for letting me know.
Happy for you and your client :slightly_smiling_face: