Installation Issue - I did not receive link to RPA Express installable


I did not receive any link to download RPA Express Installable after activating my WF account. Kindly help.


Currently, RPA Express is available with beta label only. The beta is released in batches, please let us make it available to you as well following the same approach.

You should expect to get it in May 2017.

We will keep you updated.

Hello. I was supposed to receive the link to download the application yesterday, but instead I only received an email with the link to activate my account. Where can I find the link to download?
Paulo Campos

I have registered long back, still I didn’t get the link to install RPA Express, could you please forward it

thank you for letting know about that, I’ll re-check your profile to find out why the link has not been sent. You’ll get it asap.

I’ve had the same problem - and had to re-register. Got it on the 2nd try.