Installation issues and antivirus disable




I’ve tried to install WrokFusion RPA Express on my company laptop. Unfortunately we cannot due to security policy disable antivirus or windows firewall even temporarily.
Is there any other troubleshooting of error code 0x80070643 than disable these two security components?
How can we install this software on client infrastructure with these limitations?

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please do the following steps:

  1. uninstall RPA Express if it was installed

  2. make sure you have the latest release (1.1.3), if not - download the installer using the same link provided in your registration email

  3. do not disable firewall

  4. before installing the RPA Express, create a new folder for this installation and add this folder to your antivirus exceptions

  5. add the folder with unpacked RPA Express installer to your antivirus exceptions

  6. run the installer


Hello Azinchuk,

I cannot change any setting in my antivirus or antimalware software.
I tried with the latest release 1.1.3.
Is there any possibity to install the software without touching antivirus?

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if it blocks the installation, then unfortunately no.