Installation of 3rd party OCR license for WF



Hi @ashapkina,

I am working on a project using RPA Express. One of the requirements is that the robot reads some pdf files and extracts text from them daily.
As RPA Express comes with a limited (30 days/10k pages) OCR license, the clients will need to buy their own license and I need to install it for RPA Express to use it.

Could you please provide me a walkthrough on how to install this new license to RPA Express, so as it uses the new license instead of the default one?

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Hi Dimitrios,
I will be able to provide you details on this issue at the beginning of next week.

Thank you.


Hi @ashapkina,

Please let me know if we have any update on this item. I am looking forward to the steps for License procurement and installation. My project is highly dependent on OCR and this limitation is annoying me.

Also, it will be really great if you can guide me on the cost involved and any contact who can help me with this.

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@dimitrios_nt @raja_gangopaIq
Hi, I will try to provide the details about using 3rd party OCR this week.


Hi Alesia

we are all looking very much forward to receiving this information.

I hope it would cover:

  • type of license we would need to aquire
  • possible channels to purchase it (only via Workfusion or also directly from Abbyy?)
  • procedure for installation

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Is it possible to use Abbyy Cloud OCR with RPA Express?

Abbyy Cloud OCR license model for us would perfect by the prices and amounts.


I am very interested in the answers of the 3 questions of @timriewe from 1st Feb

Thank you in advance for the information
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Dear Workfusion Team,
can you already forward us details on this topic?
Thank you


Dear Workfusion-Team, Dear @ashapkina,
can you already forward us details on above questions or route it accordingly to receive answers?

Thank you
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Dear Workfusion-Team, Dear @ashapkina,
is there already an update you can provide?
(The questions above also refer to the following FAQ-listing (see screenshot below))

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FAQ entry (

Is there a need to budget for any other cost associated with running RPA Express aside from the “free RPA product” such as maintenance or other licensing (i.e. OCR)?

OCR is currently available in RPA Express as a bring-your-own-license capability. The only other budget considerations for running RPA Express would be infrastructure costs for the server where it would be installed, if a server deployment is desired (RPA Express can also be installed on a desktop).


Hi Tom,
I am very sorry for delay on this issue.
I hope to get an update on the OCR licenses usage by the end of the week. As soon as I have it, I’ll post it on the forum.

Thanks a lot for your patience.


Any update? Or option to purchase a larger OCR license from WF? I’ve e-mailed WF trying to purchase a license, or connect to a 3rd party and no response. I’ve hit 10k limit on my proof of concept and cannot continue until I can either purchase additional license, integrate with 3rd party, or try different product all together.



Dear @ashapkina,
its now already 2 weeks ago, can you forward us an update?
Thanks in advance
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can you already forward us the procedure how to use the capability stated in the FAQ?

Thank you
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this post is now 2month old, is there a chance to receive an answer?
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@Tom @dimitrios_nt @timriewe @raja_gangopaIq @mikkoVKXBiWReM
Hi All,
I’m terribly sorry for such delay on this isue.
According to the latest update, we no longer can provide the option to use third-party OCR licenses with RPA Express. We have removed the outdated language from the documentation.

We provide extended OCR licenses for users that need more pages. You can contact for details if you are interested in such type of license.



Hi Alesia,

Thanks for the info, even though I will not need that for now. as my customer has removed the process part where the OCR would be necessary.

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thanks for reply and information
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How can we add a third party license (like ABBYY) to WF?

Checked the link Installation of 3rd party OCR license for WF and it states “we no longer can provide the option to use third-party OCR licenses with RPA Express.”

But FAQ page ( is showing as OCR(bring-your-own-license ).

Do we still have that restriction to add license to WF? If we can add, then how to do it?

Thank you in advance!!!


Hi Dinesh,

The information on the FAQ page hasn’t been updated yet - thanks for pointing this out. We will correct it.

There is no option to use 3rd party OCR in RPA Express now. For users that need more pages, we provide extended licenses as mentioned above.