Installing and uninstalling RPA express

My IT team are having issues with installing and uninstalling RPA express for updates, I believe it is because they currently run all PC’s off of Windows 7, and not Windows 10. Would this be correct?
The PC I work off of suits all other requirements.

Jason, we support Windows 7, as well, so this shouldn’t the issue.
Could you please send the logs from C:\Users%username%\AppData\Local\Temp.

Thanks the joys of dealing with an over zealous IT team, if it’s not Windows then it is our group security.

I’ll have to go back to them. Basically something about our security won’t allow RPA express to be simply uninstalled and reinstalled for an update.
Currently the only way I have to update the program is IT reimaging my pc and setting the whole damn thing up again… But of course any work I have done needs to be saved externally while this happens (still need to check if I can see my projects once this has all been done).

I’ll have to get clearance before sending you the requested information, sorry but I’m fighting the IT team to have this resolved and working. Who would have thought IT department would be a barrier to this tech…

Thanks for you help, I’m sure I’ll have other questions.

Jason, thank you for quick reply.

By the way, we are remaking the update process, so you will no longer need to uninstall RPA Express and then install the new version. We hope it will help to solve issues like yours.
It will soon be introduced in RPA Express, probably as soon as the next release.

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