Installing RPA Express on to a server

It is possible
No additional clients needed

I understand that it is possible, but how is the recorder then accessed? Is it through direct access on the server or is there a client that is installed on front end PC’s?

You can access server directly or through RDP/Citrix.

You can also record a script on your PC, and then publish it to a Control Tower that is running on your server.

Can the multiple scripts can be run at the same instance.

For example if I have two recording and I need to run the two scripts at the same time is it possible in server.


Would you please look into above issue and let me know whether I can run multiple scripts at the same in the server

Hi Manohara,
RPA Express provides one bot, so you cannot run the scripts simultaneously, they can only run one after the other.


I need to know before installing RPA Express in Server.
Question is I have recorded the two recording from the same server and published to control tower and tried to access from the server.if I run both the scripts at the same time the scripts will trigger the same server where the recordings have been done.
Will the scripts run successfully.

what are the differences between desktop version and server version of RPA express.we have multiple processes to automate and in such cases which one would be preferable – server version or desktop version and why?


There is no difference in functionality whether you install RPAx on server or desktop.
RPA Express lets you run your scripts one by one.

If you need to run multiple processes simultaneously, you can do it using WorkFusion SPA.


What is workfusion SPA.
Is it free version available like RPA express.

If Workfusion SPA is free can you send me the download link for downloading

I have already installed workfusion RPA Express in my laptop. if I want to use SPA I need to install SPA also into my laptop.If it is a free version available please send me the download link.

SPA is our commercial product, there is no free version.

If Need to buy the license for SPA what will be cost and what about the technical support I would get from you.
Could you please provide me the complete details on SPA

You can contact my SPA colleagues for more details on SPA.


One more thing if I need to install RPA tool in Server.
1.What would be the server configuration
2.where can I get the RPA tool download file to install it in server.
3.What is the main difference between installing in server or desktop.


Hi Alesia,

I am confused. According to Features and Usability points 14 & 15, it seems that RPA Express supports multiple bots. Does your comment here imply that even if there are multiple bots, only one script can execute at a time?


Hi Todd,

Yes, I get your confusion. Here, different things are called bots.

In the points 14 and 15 you mentioned, bots are bot tasks. We do not limit the number of bot tasks you can create and run in Control Tower.

In my comment, bot is short for robot (or node). We provide 1 node with RPA Express, that is why the processes in Control Tower run one after the other, not simultaneously.

Hope it helped to clarify this issue.

Hi Alesia,
I just download the free trial of RPA Express yesterday, it means i can use the PRO features (“Multiple bots running concurrently on the same machine”) .
When installation, I choose to run 2 bots on my computer, then when I launch the application, although there is a remote desktop is opened automatically, add my local system, there are 2 bots. But i couldn’t launch the RPA Express application in the remote desktop. So how can i run 2 bots concurrently on my computer.


Hi @gaoni, there is no need to launch RPA Express on the remote desktop.
You only need to launch it on your local desktop.

And when you play a business process from the Control Tower that needs to be executed on several bots (if it has multiple rows in the input data) the process will be executed concurrently on your local desktop and the remote desktop.

Try playing this process from Control Tower as an example How to Utilize all Bots on a single Process - RPA Express 2.0