Installing RPA express seemed to break something in IE11

I installed (and then uninstalled after finding the problem) RPA express on a Win10 and Win7 PC. On each, it caused an ActiveX add-on ocx that we use to not work. It seems to not be able to be loaded or is loaded but being blocked. On the Win7 PC, I tried uninstalling ie11, but it initially wouldn’t reinstall. It did eventually.
What could have happened during the install to affect the behavior of the addon we have been using for years to access our core system?

Hello Tom.
Could you please advise which version of RPA Express you use? You can check it in Control Panel - Programs - Programs and Features.

To resolve the issue with IE, please try to change settings below:

  • Disable “Allow ActiveX Filtering” in all “Security” zones
  • Turn off settings in below image:
  • Restart your browser and check to make sure above changes stuck.
  • Test web page in IE to see if the ActiveX Controls are now loading properly.

Hello @tcoltharp.
Is this still actual for you?