Integrate Tesseract with RPA Express



Hi Team,

Requesting you to give some insight on how can we integrate Tesseract.dll to perform OCR activities instead of ABBYY-ocr with WorkFusion RPAx.

Thanks & Regards
Harshit Jain


Hi @Harshit_Jain

Currently it’s not possible with RPA Express. When it comes to our Smart Process Automation product we allow to use tesseract, especially when it’s deployed on cloud. Please let us know if you would like to get more details.

In any case please share more details about your interest in Tesseract. We allow voting to help prioritize and also may be able to suggest a solution to you based on your needs.


Hi @mabramchik

As per my understanding for RPA the companies prefer the on premise solution for BPO industry.

As Tesseract is a freeware and as per my understanding RPAx is available for production usage so it’ll help each and everyone who want to scale and want to move ahead and use WorkFusion RPAx as their preferred tool.

I have seen RPA tools using Tesseract so curious and interested in using that.

Harshit Jain


We currently have one of the OCR industry leaders built in - Abbyy OCR.
We offer 10,000 pages within 45 days for free. If you need more wee happy to help you acquire a license.

Please also feel free to vote on the topic to help us prioritize the Tesseract integration.


Other than Abbyy OCR, are there any other OCR that can be integrated with WorkFusion?
Can you list them? And how can they be integrated with WorkFusion?


@yashvi1_marwah - see the discussion above