Integration with SAP application

Hi All,

Currently, I am working on SAP application with RPA express.
If anybody have some document for config the workfusion for SAP application- like how to call data element to fill the SAP fields from Excel and In web application xpath can get from web element, similarly is there anything in SAP.


@surya_repurihK Currently, you can use image-based automation for SAP, and there is no functionality similar to xpaths. But in Q2 2018, we are planning to introduce object recording to RPA Express, which will significantly improve SAP automation.

Hello @ashapkina,
Any more detailed deadline for the release of the object recording functionality? Is it coming soon or rather end of Q2 (or even postponed later?). We are currently strugling on a RPA project within SAP with AA’s solution and I would like to compare how fast we can build a similar bot with RPA express.
Will it remain in the same free model or do you plan to integrate it in a RPA “pro” version?



@szawadski We are introducing object recording in May. It will be available in free RPA Express with no limitations.

Hi @surya_repurihK and @szawadski Inspector now supports SAP GUI controls