Intelligent Automation Cloud 2.4.2. is released!

Intelligent Automation Cloud 2.4.2. is released!

A new version of Intelligent Automation Cloud Express 2.4.2 is now available for download!

The release includes a new OCR license valid till June 15, 2020.
The license includes 1,000 OCR pages.

Read the Release notes for more details.

Note: The current OCR license expires on March 15. To continue using OCR, you will need to update to a new version.

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WorkFusion Team


Does this only applies to WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud Express? or does it also applies to WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud Enterprise?

I checked my software and my WorkFusion studio App shows the following on the About screen

"Version Details

Version 2.4.0
WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud Enterprise"

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@M.Perez the release is only for Express edition.
There must be a mistake on the screen. If you have version 2.4.0, it is Express edition.

Interesting… however I just checked again and it reads Version 2.4.0 IAC Enterprise edition. See below screenshot.

Not sure if I need to update or not.

@M.Perez yes, there is a mistake in the About screen.
2.4.0 is an Express/Business version.

Hi there,

I tried to update to the most current version (2.4.2). After installation I noticed my workfusion studio still said version 2.4. (See below)


Shouldn’t it say 2.4.2?

Maybe I did something incorrectly during installation?

Any help is appreciated

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@bmaddock this is the version of the Studio component (it should be 2.4.2).
Check the build version as described here.