Intelligent Automation Cloud 2.4.2. is released!

A new version of Intelligent Automation Cloud Express 2.4.2 is now available for download!
The release includes a new OCR license valid till June 15, 2020.
The license includes 1,000 OCR pages.

Read the Release notes for more details.

Note: The current OCR license expires on March 15. To continue using OCR, you will need to update to a new version.

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WorkFusion Team


Does this only applies to WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud Express? or does it also applies to WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud Enterprise?

I checked my software and my WorkFusion studio App shows the following on the About screen

"Version Details

Version 2.4.0
WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud Enterprise"

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@M.Perez the release is only for Express edition.
There must be a mistake on the screen. If you have version 2.4.0, it is Express edition.

Interesting… however I just checked again and it reads Version 2.4.0 IAC Enterprise edition. See below screenshot.

Not sure if I need to update or not.

@M.Perez yes, there is a mistake in the About screen.
2.4.0 is an Express/Business version.

Hi there,

I tried to update to the most current version (2.4.2). After installation I noticed my workfusion studio still said version 2.4. (See below)


Shouldn’t it say 2.4.2?

Maybe I did something incorrectly during installation?

Any help is appreciated

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@bmaddock this is the version of the Studio component (it should be 2.4.2).
Check the build version as described here.

Could you pls show me where we could download 2.4.2 the newer free version? It seems all the links to the product comparison page and DL links were removed recently. TIA


Same question as @dataassure, where can we download the new version?

Same issue here.

Hi all,
Sorry for delayed response.

We have decided to sunset Intelligent Automation Cloud Express edition, so it will no longer be provided for download on our website.

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In other words, All the time all these people spent to get certified, to understand the tool, to use it, to make plans to find clients and sell workfusion…its all gone in the wind now.

I’m quite disappointed, and I think so are the people who believed in this tool.

Maybe you’re not the one who took the decision, but just saying how I feel.

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The Japanese version of Intelligent Automation Cloud Express was published as a book in Japan in March 2020 when it was released. I was thinking about spreading Intelligent Automation Cloud Express from now on.
It is very disappointing. All the effort up to now has been wasted.

How long can I use Intelligent Automation Cloud Express? Please tell me the expiration date.

Please tell me.

@Remie9 @toriitsuka sorry about that. I understand your frustration.
We are not limiting the period for which you can use the version of the Express edition that you already have. You can continue using it.

I understand that I can use Intelligent Automacion Clould Express 2.4.2 indefinitely. That’s the question. Will Intelligent Automacion Clould Express 2.4.2 be supported? Will questions, bugs, etc. be shared? Is it limited? Is it possible to make Intelligent Automacion Clould Express 2.4.2 available for download on the condition that the version will not be upgraded in the future?

Hi, I realised that the current OCR license has expired on 15 June and I am half way through a project which requires OCR. May I know will a new OCR license be released soon?

Hi @dirtygreenppt please write to the Service desk support team with this questions - they’ll advise you what to do.
Thank you.

Hi @ashapkina , I have the same issue with the OCR . I installed the 2.4.2 version last week but the OCR is not activated and i tired contacting the service desk u suggested above. But it says “There are no request types configured for this Service Desk.” .
Please guide me through some other solutions for this issue.

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@parnika my colleagues from the support team are already dealing with this issue.