Intelligent Automation Cloud Express 2.4 is Released!

New Intelligent Automation Cloud (former RPA Express) 2.4 is now available for download!

Apart from the new name, the version has several updates and new features.
Here are the most important of them.

Localization for Japanese and Spanish

You can now install WorkFusion Studio in 3 languages: English, Japanese, and Spanish.

The language can be selected during the installation


Or changed in the Preferences

You can also select the language in Control Tower and Workspace.

Multi-language support in the OCR action

Using OCR action in the Recorder, you can now extract text from documents in 25 different languages.


Read more about these and other updates in the Release Notes.

And free to leave any comments and feedback in this thread!


Dear Alesia-san

This is big news ! for Japanese Users. I am very happy !
I am very appreciated your a lot of support. I posted this good news to Japanese Users in Japanese just now. Many thanks.
Best regards,
Shigeki Hagiwara


Thank you @s_hagiwara

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Hi @ashapkina,

I am unable to update the rpa express free version.Please find below error prompt image

I also tried to download full installation package from download mirror link ,it seems the page is unavailable/ not found.

Kindly look into this and update.

Kiran Talreja

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Hi @kiran.talreja thank you for letting know. We’ll try to solve this issue asap.

@kiran.talreja this issue has been fixed. If you have trouble installing the app, you can now download the full installation package following the link in the Installer.

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Thanks Alesia

I have the Express 2.4 and I’m very hapy with its free content.
Is it still free to download, I can’t se a place for it.

I got asked about it, they were impressed with what I did with it.
When I explained that it was made with the free version of Workfusion they got even more interested in the solution. But i coulden’t find a download page for them. There are probably a lot of companys that only wants to get started with something simple and free.


Is there any estimation what a more advanced version of WorkFusion costs. Dosn’t have to be exakt but the question usually follows? And if they pay some, what are the main benefits of that.

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@michael_larsso it is no longer available for download.
You can use the version you have already installed with no limitations.

Regarding the cost, please fill in the form on this page to contact our sales team that will provide you with a cost estimate.

Link to download application Automation Intelligent Cloud

@buvaneswari_magheswaran please see the answer above.

Ok i did this again hope they can answer this time.

I can not buy the system for 200 users, but it would be very usefull to have an estimation of what it would cost per licens. You see they are about to buy very expensive solutions, and when WorkFusion was completly free I find that atractive.