Internet Explorer crashes when page's DOM changes

I am having a consistent issue with an internal web application my organization uses, which requires Internet Explorer. It seems that whenever the page changes significantly after certain clicks, or after scripts load certain parts: Internet Explorer throws up a “Internet Explorer has stopped working” error. This error only occurs while WorkFusion is trying to interact with the page that causes part of the page to change, and other smaller page interactions work as expected.

Can you give some troubleshooting tips I can try?

Even a single DOM changing activity, like clicking a button that changes page, causes a crash. I just experimented with a single activity WorkFusion script and it completed successfully - while Internet Explorer afterwards crashed on the subsequent page load.

Before that I also tried spacing interactions out with Waits.

Hi @james_woldhuis could you share the text of the error log you get to see the details?

Hi @ashapkina, I’m not sure an error log is being created by WorkFusion, because WorkFusion isn’t the one crashing. Somehow WorkFusion is causing Internet Explorer to crash with a “Internet Explorer has stopped working” error. Here are the events from Windows 7’s Event Viewer; and this is being caused by Internet Explorer 11.09.9600.17420.

Here is my project’s code as generated by WorkFusion. It is an internal application so I can’t provide a website for this to be replicated.

	<robot driver="universal" close-on-completion="true"
		<capability name="SEARCH_ALL_WINDOWS" value="true" />
		<capability name="CLOSE_ALL_WINDOWS" value="false" />

			com.workfusion.rpa.helpers.RPA.metaClass.static.$ = { Closure c -> } // Support for Expression action. Should be implemented in RPA class in next release.


			switchToExistingWindow(new WindowDescriptor("IEFrame", "Home Page - [Interaction Center ] - Internet Explorer", false, false).toString(), 10000)

			inDesktop {
				$("[CLASS:Image; NAME:Inbox; TEXT:Inbox]").click()

@james_woldhuis you are clicking on the element by object selector.
Try using web actions for this: Open website and then Mouse click by Xpath.
Does IE crash in this case, too?

Hi @james_woldhuis did you try using Xpaths option?