Internet Explorer is not able to find the XPath

Whenever I try to write or get value from a website using IE i get this type of error
Unable to find element with xpath == //input[@name=‘btnI’] (WARNING: The server did not provide any stacktrace information)
And also when IE open website first it loads the localhost page any reason for its loading and is it removable if yes, then how.
For the reference i am using 1.1.8 version .

Thank you

Hi Mehar,
Could you please share your zipped recording here?



Hi Alesia

Yes exactly, web elements were not worked with IE.

This is refer to version 1.1.9 also.


@mehar_singhjUg also, did this xpath work in Firefox Portable?

Hi Mehar, please post your zipped recording so we’ll have a look.
Thank you.

It got resolved by changing the setting of the IE.
And now it is running fine.
Sorry I could not reply you earlier.
Thank you

Glad it got resolved.

Hi Mehar

What setting you have changed in IE to got this working. Can you please share ?


In IE go to the settings
Click on Internet Options
Choose Security from title bar
Check on all the Checkbox of Enable Protected Mode in various zone eg Internet,Local Internet etc.
i.e enable the protected mode

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I am getting the below problem, Bot is unable to find this xpath(*//body) on Internet explorer and same xpath is working on chrome.

Can you please give me any solution for this?

Expected condition failed: waiting for element to be clickable: By.xpath: *//body (tried for 20 second(s) with 500 MILLISECONDS interval)

@kumar_vaibhav Internet Explorer works with Xpath worse than Chrome or Firefox. We recommend to use Chrome when you can.
Is it important that you open the website in Internet Explorer, not other browsers?

@ashapkina @prince_sidan1a Yes it is very important because the project on which I am working on, It is mandatory that it needs to be done only on Internet Explorer by our Client.
Please let me know if I have to raise Jira ticket for the same.