Internet time out error


I have created the following actions & have tested that it works. However, it does not work every time. I will get timeout errors at different steps each time. Sometimes, the loop will work for 1 loop. Others, it will fail at some step on the 2nd loop. It is all for the same reason, timeout. In particular, the timeout mostly occurs (but not always) at the ‘open website’ action.


I have already checked my global settings & adjusted, see below.

For each action, I have also changed the timeout waits to allow the website time to load.

I don’t know what else to do, can you please assist.

For the open website action, i suggest you use wait up to instead of the normal wait action.
Note: The wait action will finish once the website is done loading, so don’t worry even if you put a very long wait time.


I already had 20,000 milliseconds set for the timeout wait. I changed it to 30,000 and got the following web page error.


What do you mean instead of the normal wait action, do you mean the wait for image that I put in after the open website action?

It’s as if I need an exception handling in here, but I don’t know how I would do this because of all the actions that are nested under open website.

Is the web page opened successfully when you open it manually?

Mostly yes but it will sometimes timeout like this when I am manually logging in too. We have been experiencing internet timeouts more than usual recently. Although this will likely get better once the internet is improved, I still want to ensure the bot can overcome a timeout like this, because the loop has to repeat about 40 times. So the first 5 may be successful, then it times out on the 6th loop.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do from the product side to avoid the issue above as it is related to the Internet connection.

Try putting the Open website action in the Retry loop - the bot will try opening the website until the action is successful.

Let me know if it helps!

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Thank you this is defiinately helping. Have I put it in the right spot?


It keeps having to retry on the third loop. It happens at the same step each time, and I think it is due to a pop up. To allow the page time to load, there is a ‘wait for image’ action. The pop up doesn’t cover the image, but I still think it’s the pop up because the first 2 loops work okay and there is no pop up. What can I do?

Unfortunately the ‘retry’ function did not solve the issue.
It works sometimes, others it doesn’t.
It will attempt to login to the site again (if internet drops out momentarily), but then a message appears letting me know that the site is logged in to another user and so can’t login to 2 sites at once.

Not sure what else I can do?

It looks like it was able to perform some actions in the loop (log in) and failed to perform other actions, so it will retry the loop from the very beginning and log in again.

I think you can use Exception handling in this case or IF condition: the bot can look for this message and if it doesn’t see it - attempt to log in, if it does - skip the logging in actions.

Okay thanks. Where is the best spot to put the exception handling or if?


@clairemobbs put the actions that log in the website in the Exception handling