Is Image Capture/OCR absolutely the only option for remote desktop automation?


I have the task of automating a complex scenario on a remote machine that I can access through Windows Remote Desktop from my workfusion workstation. This will involve interacting with several desktop applications there. Is Image Capture & OCR really, absolutely, the only option available to me?

In the, somewhat, limited documentation I have available to me as a free user, I am looking at the “Robot Execution on Local Machine, Control Tower, and RPA Node” chapter where I see I can have a script executed on an RPA Node… Can this be a remote Node? Do I have the option to install a bot on a remote machine that will execute a robotic flow there locally?

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Hi @rgithkopoulos.

If you only have RPA Express installed on the local machine, then you can only used image-based automation. But you can install RPA Express on your remote machine and then use other built-in actions (excel, web) and object recording there.

Potentially, you can install RPA Express on both the local and remote machines, and create a script that would connect to a remote machine, launch RPA Express there and play a script on the remote machine. We haven’t tested such use case yet, but that would be neat.

Thanks for the reply @ashapkina . So I need a full RPA express installation on the remote machine to make this work? No option for installing something lightweight like an agent or a remote bot, that my local RPA Express can connect to?

You can install only Workstation (no Control Tower and Platform Monitor). In this case the script in the remote machine can only be played from the Studio.
See more details here:

Thank you @ashapkina, that looks promising. I will look into it.

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