Is it possible to name Bot Units segregating by operational area?

Hi Community,

I have this dilemma in which I’d would like to segregate the robots by having a RPA Server for operational area A and another RPA Server for operational area B.
By my recent researches in the KB, you need to have a base name and then the bots will automatically inherit this base name and be provided with a sequential number. So,

Question 1 - If I have 6 bots in RPA Server A and 2 bots in RPA Server B, and my base name is wf-bot, would that mean that my bots will be created as wf-bot1, wf-bot2,…wf-bot6 for RPA Server A, and then wf-bot1, wf-bot2 for RPA Server B? Any exception rule which would make it possible to be wf-bot-a1 (RPA Server A), wf-bot-b1 (RPA Server B)?

Question 2 - At which time can I define whether a particular process will run on RPA Server A or on RPA Server B? Is this even possible? My guess is that the work will be distributed “randomly” between the two servers?

Question 3 - Let’s say I have only wf-bot1 and wf-bot2 having license to a system X, how can I ensure that tasks running in this system will only be executed using these 2 bots accounts? Is it the bot source that I need to configure? I checked the KB for bot sources, but it only covers the settings for # of threads, it doesn’t explain how the URL input works for example.

Looking forward to your help.

Bruno Costa.

Ok, I guess question 3 is managed through the Fleet attribute. Anyway, I appreciate the confirmation.